My pride and joy!

My pride and joy!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Christmas ballerinas and school parties

 This was Ava's first Christmas Dance Program and Sophia's 3rd (hard to believe).  They are so sweet up there and it's fun to see what they have learned since September.

Ava's Preschool party was lots of fun.  We made the cake for baby Jesus and Sophia got to go with us since her school was already out for Christmas break.  It's such a great benefit of being a SAHM to be able to witness their fun at school and to be a part of it!

And Sophia's little class celebrated at Mr. Gatti's after school!  It was fun afternoon with Moms, a few Dads and kiddos!

Then Alex's party at school was an all day celebration!  They had such a great day to kick off their break!

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This is what it's all about

This evening was probably the highlight of the holidays for me...Sophia's school program.  This really was quite a production and all the hard work the teachers and students put into it definitely showed.  Sophia was totally into it!  She kept telling me how how excited she was but she got up on her little stage with her classmates and she made her Momma so proud!  She sang like I've never seen her sing before and it has made my Christmas.  I've watched the video a few times and oh how it makes me smile.  

Isn't she beautiful?

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Christmas Parties and Programs

We start with all the Christmas parties the first weekend in December.  It certainly makes for a busy month but it really is a month of visiting, celebrating and excitement.

Awaiting yet another Santa appearance!
Next was our Christmas celebration at Nana's!  With lots of cousins and food to enjoy the presents are just icing on the cake!

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Polar Express

Well the tree is up, decorations hung, gifts bought (not nearly wrapped), a few parties under our belts, and then there was the Polar Express.  Oh boy, it was such a great way to kick off the season!  I highly recommend it!  My kids were so excited to go and we had gotten our tickets all the way back in July. That is how popular it is.  We really wanted 1st class seating but even back in July it was already sold out!  The kids got their new pj's to wear, we watched the movie and loaded up to head to French Lick.  I believe I was looking forward to it as much as they were.  My parents went along and we were on the same car as some of our close friends which made it that much more special.  The kids had such a great time and their faces when Santa boarded our train was priceless.  I thought Sophia may just explode with excitement.  Yep, that moment will be forever ingrained my memory.  I want to freeze their ages right now!  They are loving all the magic of Christmas, the traditions and most importantly they celebrate the real reason for all this magic!  It really has been fun this year to watch them enjoy all of the traditions our little family has started.  Doesn't get much better!

 The train chugs along and the Polar Express story is being read to the kids with fun music, elves dancing and our conductor punching our tickets.  We get hot chocolate and cookies to sugar these already hyper kids up!  We approach the North Pole and see Santa waving from his village....THEN, Santa boards our train.  My kids about couldn't contain themselves!  Sophia was physically shaking she was so excited.

Does this face say it all?
The train chugs along and the Polar Express story is being read to the kids with fun music, elves dancing and our conductor punching our tickets.  We approach the North Pole and see Santa waving from his village....THEN, Santa boards our train.  My kids about couldn't contain themselves!  Sophia was physically shaking she was so excited.

It was a great evening.  I hope to do it one more time before alot of that magic is gone!  I love these little sweeties and they make Christmas more fun than I ever dreamed it could be!

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So thankful

Let's backtrack shall we....

As each day went by I got farther and farther behind do it became more daunting to actually post!  So I'm going to rewind to just before Thanksgiving and probably sadly miss some important memory but I will do my best!  Sophia had a fun fall party at school with her sweet little class and Thanksgiving Day was beautiful!  We played outside most of the day (in short sleeves) and my little guy finally nailed riding his bike without training wheels!  It was a fun day.  This year has been such a growth year for Sophia.  I really feel it's because of her sweet classmates and awesome teacher she has matured so much.
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

November seems like a blur but doesn't it always!  The time between Halloween and Thanksgiving happened in a flash.  Luckily, I did snap a few pics to help remember some of it!  My SIL and I threw a baby shower for our niece, Courtney, while they were home from Canada for Thanksgiving.  I enjoyed finding ideas from my friend Pinterest and making some things for it.  She is having a baby boy and her nursery theme is cute!  I made the invites and thank you's.

fun little baby shower punch that apparently was tasty too because it was gone pretty quickly!

I made the invitation to match the monkey nursery theme

I also was lucky enough to help with the kids fall parties for school. It's a perk of being a WAHM to be able to volunteer in their classrooms!  I will definately soak up this time while my kids still want me in their classes.  Then the month was finished up by celebrating Thanksgiving at both my parent's house and my MIL's.  I tried to really step back this week and just be grateful!  I have problems like everyone but my goodness, I am BEYOND blessed.  I don't know that I could list them all without shutting down blogland.  I can start with the obvious of my faith in our God, my awesome family-extended and close-, amazing friends-old and new-and end with the simple things such as coffee in the morning!  I think as I get older I do well to step back from time to time and just say "you know what, it's all good and the little rough patches are just that"!  I pray that everyone can do this and realize how gracious our Heavenly God is and we are super blessed in this life!

Ava's 1st preschool program!  She was so excited.  She had a few jitters but sang her heart out!
Cameron's 4th birthday party

Now, once Thanksgiving was over, the crazy schedule continued.  I was determined (as I am every year) to be sure and enjoy the season, to not just rush and spend money!  I got most of my shopping done before December started and am trying to do things that are enjoyable, rewarding and to try and give back to others.


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Monday, October 29, 2012

fall traditions

One of the things I enjoy as a mother is starting traditions and now that my kids are old enough to understand and remember them it is so much fun but sometimes difficult if time is running low but their amazing memories are reminding me of the traditions we haven't completed!  I tried to make everything a tradition when I was younger and my mom reminding me that just because we did it one time doesn't make it a tradition!  Call me sentimental!!!  Anyway, we go to get pumpkins at Etienne's Market, enjoy Lark's ranch with a pony ride, corn maze and hayride and then carve our pumpkins and roast the seeds.  It is all so fun and the kids enjoy it too.  We almost didn't make it to Lark's this year but slipped it in right before it closed. 

We also finished up our soccer season and the kids improved alot over the season.  Now maybe we can have a few weeks of just dance and gymnastics!  It was a great season with great friends on each of the kids teams.  One of the other perks of living in a small town.

Alex and his "max" pumpkin for a school project.
Now, I realize my kids will all to soon try and get out of my traditions but for now I will enjoy every second!

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