My pride and joy!

My pride and joy!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Christmas ballerinas and school parties

 This was Ava's first Christmas Dance Program and Sophia's 3rd (hard to believe).  They are so sweet up there and it's fun to see what they have learned since September.

Ava's Preschool party was lots of fun.  We made the cake for baby Jesus and Sophia got to go with us since her school was already out for Christmas break.  It's such a great benefit of being a SAHM to be able to witness their fun at school and to be a part of it!

And Sophia's little class celebrated at Mr. Gatti's after school!  It was fun afternoon with Moms, a few Dads and kiddos!

Then Alex's party at school was an all day celebration!  They had such a great day to kick off their break!

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